Struggling For A Vision On How To Reduce Non-Elective Admissions?

How long have we all struggled to create a vision on how to reduce our non-elective admissions.
However, reducing them means patients are being stabilised at home before they become sick and healthy patients demonstrate high quality work by the NHS and public health.
Below find a simple list that is the result of an away day of Bracknell & Ascot CCG and my own thoughts. We are currently implementing these changes and I believe we can reduc NELs by at least 20% once they are all implemented.

  1. Every patient discharged from hospital with heart failure to be seen by the community heart failure team within a week
  2. Every patient discharged from hospital with COPD to be seen by chest rehab within a week
  3. Every patient SCAS (ambulance trust) is called to with a fall to be automatically referred to LTC cluster meetings / community physio.
  4. Consider Cancer patients discharged to receive a tailored physiotherapy
  5. Every hospital discharged patient to be provided with follow up phone calls on how they are and what they still need
  6. Every frail elderly discharged to be considered for referral to LTC
  7. Patients in home visiting books of practices to be considered for LTC referral
  8. All three CCGs to publish a DOS of the  three trusts following
    • Rapid Access Consultant Advice Lines
    • Rapid Access Clinics and how to Access
    • Any Rapid Access outreach Service
  9. Promote pushing hydration in all nursing homes to avoid admissions for UTIs and consider weekly urine testing.
  10. Checking every medical and orthopaedic inpatient over 65 had a flu / pneumonia jab. Vaccinate 4-17 years old in practice. Also ALL carers on practice register regardless. Fund search & mailshot for all patients not having had flu jab.

Click  below to download this list as pdf or print it.

Vision to reduce NELS_final

NEL Vision
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