Are you ill? Use this App…

A New Self Care Support App.

This post is about a self help healthcare App on It helps you or other patients with caring for yourself or your child in an acute illness or condition. It currently contains 2 sections and 3 buttons.:


  1. I am ill
  2. My child is ill

Buttons:  111 | 999 | 1st Aid Kit

It is designed for mobiles. With the link you can install it on your mobile.

Click the following link for: How to install the Bracknell My Health App on your iPhone in 4 easy steps. For all other devices it should be pretty similar.


Patients should be in control of their conditions. Self care has become a big buzzword in times where A&E departments are creaking at the seams and GP practices are overrun for appointments. However, when we recently asked patients what most inhibits their ability to self care the most common response was: “Good quality information”.

So we had a good look on the internet for mobile self care solutions from the NHS and found there was pretty little to find, particularly in terms of mobile Apps. We wanted something, were patients can help themselves within 30 seconds or a minute without having to go through reams of information. We wanted to give practical information at a fingertip without the usual huge burden of disclaimers to wade through.

We found the NHS choices website had a lot of information, but was a bit outdated and in some places did not include new information. Equally, leaflets are very long and do not always give quick information patients need.

Thus, we decided to create our own App. And it is now live on . The current App has only 2 sections: “I am ill”, which we created ourselves and “my child is ill”, where we used leaflets we purchased from another CCG. This section will be overhauled in the future. Furthermore we are planning to do 2 more sections, one on self help in chronic diseases, one on prevention.

For comments or suggestions for improvement, please click here to contact Bracknell and Ascot CCG. Also contact us if you wish to get the App for use with your own CCG.

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